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"Back to mother nature."

About ORB

ORB is a specialized brand in cosmetics made from natural ingredients. Without harmful industrial or chemical Components. It seeks to provide and offer all the best luxury cosmetics, such as skincare, hair care, lips products, and more! All of these products are under the supervision of a group of pharmacists who are constantly working on developing formulations and products that are creative and scientifically superior.

ORB Is committed to safety, efficiency, and quality. ORB has always supported and celebrated women's empowerment by allowing them to discover their natural beauty, appreciate it, and break the stereotypes of the beauty standards that society imposes on them. We support all women in pursuing their self-fulfillment by each other's own rules and desires.

“Proudly, Made in Egypt”

Our History
ORB was founded in 2014 by a group of young Egyptian pharmacists and researchers in the field of cosmetics, who were united by one goal and vision, which is the importance of returning to nature in all aspects of life, including cosmetics, hair, and skincare after they realized the seriousness of the effect of chemical products on our bodies, life, and environment in the long term. Consequently, ORB is come out to ​​produce safe, effective, and natural cosmetics and 100% organic using traditional cold pressing methods without additives or chemicals to achieve maximum benefit and effectiveness. Registered in the Ministry of Health under No. 40900/2017

"Our goal is to develop and improve the field of cosmetics in Egypt by Providing natural remedies and alternatives together with offering them to everyone."

Our Achievements
In our laboratories, we were the first to find a cure for androgenetic alopecia without any chemicals or expensive surgeries, as our primary reliance was on natural, organic extracts. We have also succeeded in finding a natural formula treat to even skin tone and other beauty problems.

Your safety is our goal.
ORB always cares about the customers. So, It has dedicated After-Sales Service Support to follow up with them by providing guidelines and answering any questions or concerns they have. They also committed to teaching them how to use it, get the best result, and avoid warnings.
ORB works to provide its products in all governorates of Egypt to make it easier to get anywhere & anytime through the Internet and pharmacies.

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