GLOW & EVEN SKIN TONE in only 2 weeks

GLOW & EVEN SKIN TONE in only 2 weeks

Many beauty products in the market are sold to obtain perfect skin. Most of them introduce themselves as an even skin tone, acne - pimples-free, and scars Treatment products. So, if you're in a hassle choosing which of them will work great with your skin?

Let's introduce you to ORB skin serum collection ORB, which is your first step to having dreamy perfect skin with no more hassle.

100% natural, efficient, and stunning

It's A 100% natural formula that doesn't include chemicals, sulfates, sodium, or paraffin. It offers you the best result without any harmful effects on your skin.

Pearl Effect Serum  GLOW & EVEN SKIN TONE

This serum has become one of the best sellers on the list of ORB products. It has client fans everywhere because it effectively obtains clear, pure skin-like pearls after only two weeks of daily use. 

* Extracted from Jojoba oil and Beta-carotene


The key benefits of Jojoba oil

It's an excellent moisturizing effect and adds a healthy glow.

Provides a substantial long-acting layer of moisture.

It has the highest level of antioxidants and nutrients.


It can help slow the appearance of aging and help fade fine lines and wrinkles.

It's very similar to human skin oils; its use can trick the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil and thus balances oil production without promoting acne or other skin problems.

The key benefits of Beta-carotene:

  • Beta carotene easily converts to vitamin A in our bodies. And vitamin A, in the form of retinol, is the key active ingredient for anti-acne and anti-aging.
  •  It can stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles, and combat blemishes, promising all the softness and suppleness of youthful skin and none of the pimples.  
  • It harnesses its antioxidant powers to hinder sun or  UV exposure damage while promoting skin elasticity for a sustained youthful glow. 


 Pimple Eraser Serum  Clear & flawless skin

According to ORB`s experts, it's a unique and effective formula to treat the effects of acne on the skin and increase its clarity. It can work on most skin problems and get incredible results in just two weeks of daily use. 

  * Extracted from tea tree and bergamot oils

The key benefits of tree oil

  • It helps to relieve dryness and decrease inflammation.
  • It is very effective against acne due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.
  • Tea tree oil can help to fight skin cancer. It is beneficial in reducing cancerous tumors.  

The key benefits of bergamot oil

  • Bergamot essential oil increases skin collagen content and decreases psoriasis plaques.
  • It has neuroprotective and anxiolytic effects and may help reduce stress-induced anxiety through aromatherapy.
  • It also reduces face scars and marks, and helps in making your skin tone even.

Enjoy a unique experience in a world full of  natural beauty care products.  that are certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.