How do you select the best oil for your hair's needs?

How do you select the best oil for your hair's needs?

Find the ORB oil that best suits you from the wonderful range available for healthy, strong, and beautiful hair.
Hair is frequently subjected to elements that cause it to lose strength and vitality, and the majority of these factors are brought on by our ignorance of the proper care for our hair. Because of this, we provide you with a collection of the best 100% natural oils that are essential for recovering the beauty of your hair and protecting it from all negative effects caused by heat, chemical products, or habits.

With ORB products, your hair will turn a new page.

With Intense Repair oil, put an end to hair loss.

a formulation that is rich in natural ingredients and totally devoid of paraffin, sodium, and sulphate. Extracted from garlic extract, bamboo, protein, watercress, jojoba, sunflower, and castor oils. The efficacy of this formula in treating hair loss, the beginning of early baldness, and filling in hair gaps has been carefully evaluated.

Hair Booster oil usually result in longer, more vivid, and shinier hair.

With this exclusive blend of lavender, jojoba, aloe vera, watercress, olive, and castor oils, you can achieve the hair of a fairytale princess. It promotes blood flow to the hair scalp, supplying it with all the nutrients it need, and promotes hair development. This increases the length of hair from 4 to 7 cm after two to four weeks of daily use.

With the Hair Smoother, achieve a distinctive appearance without frizz or breakage.

This fantastic product, which is made of silk protein and keratin extract, is able to give you smooth hair texture without unwelcome ripples or breaks, to get 60% more straight hair without the need to straighten with heat or harmful substances that leave your hair damaged and frizzy. Use it daily for two weeks and notice the difference for yourself.

Hair Guard oil will shield your hair from the heat of hair dryers and irons.

Extracted from caffeine, jojoba, coconut, and sesame oil; devoid of paraffin, sodium, and sulphates. It functions to wrap and shield your hair strands from the heat of hair dryers or straightening irons. Additionally, it shields it from the sun's heat and the harm that swimming pool chlorine can do. Moreover, it eliminates tangles and frizz, especially for wavy hair.

Hijabi oil is the first hair oil in Egypt and the Arab world for veiled women

It is made from natural oils like jojoba oil, wheat germ extract, and vitamins like omega 3 and D that are vital for human health. Free of paraffin, sulphates, or salt. It feeds the hair from the inside out and makes up for the nutrients that the hair loses because it isn't exposed to sunlight. It lessens the itchy sensation brought on by long-term hair covering. Frizz and tangles are eliminated. Due to its all-natural ingredients, it brings back the brightness and vitality of the hair.
Experience something special in a world of natural products that have been approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.